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The first day of summer is but a few weeks away, and the days are growing warmer and longer. As summer approaches, the never-ending chores of yard work - the mowing, landscaping and unfinished projects from seasons past - all beckon. It is time to tackle your landscape projects once and for all, even if all you have on your "to do list" is a good thorough clean up of your property or the repair of that crumbling pathway. Now is the time to call in the affordable, professional services of Yard Service Landscape Experts, Inc. The team of landscape renovators here will take on any job, from beautifying your property to masonry jobs to planting trees and shrubs. Bob Gauthier, owner of Yard Service Landscape Experts, Inc. will come to your home and give you a FREE estimate of what services you may need. The goal of this family business is to relieve you of the constant time and energy it takes to keep up your property and to transform your property into an outdoor space that you can be proud of. Call them today to arrange your lawn cutting account so you aren't spending your valuable time this summer slaving in your yard. Whether you just need a weekly mowing of your lawn or are ready to take on a more ambitious landscaping project, Yard Service Landscape Experts will do it all.

The crews at Yard Service Landscape Experts, Inc., easily recognized by their signature red shirts and polished, fully equipped red trucks, will help you maintain and improve your property. They are professional, reasonably priced, reliable and fully insured. When the crew at Yard Service Landscape Experts, Inc., begin a landscaping job, they look at the overall picture, come up with a plan that best suits your specific needs and budget, and then, they get to work. Their services include:

• Lawn cutting and maintenance

• Dethatching and aerating

• Landscaping maintenance and construction

• Trees and shrubs planted

• Mulching

• Sod or Hydro seeded lawns

• Shrub and hedge trimming

• Masonry work

• Heavy duty brush removal and tree clearing

• Patio and walkways repaired and installed

• Power washing

A well-maintained property adds value to your home and gives you a well-deserved sense of pride and ownership. If your yard work is too much for you to do on your own, or you just need the help of an expert, then call Bob Gauthier today. He can be reached at 401-828-1202 or by email at bob@yardserviceexperts.com. Check out their website at www.yardserviceexperts.com to get a full listing of their extensive services.

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