Yes, Trump does encourage hate


To the Editor:
Christopher Sirr sounded off (Feb. 20 Beacon) on a book review of “Nazis in Tinsel Town” and complained that reviewer Leslie Epstein shouldn’t have been allowed to introduce this opinion: “The president we have now winks, nods, and encourages those who march with torches and shout that the Jews will not replace them.”
Sirr said the comment was “outrageous and cowardly” without elucidating exactly what was so outrageous or so cowardly. He demanded Mr. Epstein provide documentation and sources to prove the accuracy of the assertion.
I don’t think it necessary for Epstein to respond. Anyone within earshot of a TV or radio on Aug. 11, 2017, would know Epstein’s comment was dead on. If you need further corroboration, a simple search on the internet brings up innumerable stories describing the Nazi march, their chants of “Jews will not replace us,” their Tiki torch parade, the attack on counter-demonstrators which left a woman dead, and the president’s subsequent statement that the Nazis, along with the group opposing them, were “fine people.”
If Sirr needs further evidence, I refer him to the Washington Post article by Joe Helm (Aug. 17) titled “Recounting A Day of Rage, Hate, Violence and Death,” which can easily be called up on the web, or Sirr can go to the NBC (or any other TV network) and see videos of the march. If he considers them untrustworthy, YouTube has dozens of videos available.
But I don’t think Mr. Sirr will do any fact-checking. Like so many Trump supporters, he’d rather shut out all evidence that conflicts with his predetermined worldview. He refuses to acknowledge we have a president who ridicules and insults everyone except Putin. Who, after all his denunciations of Hillary’s emails for compromising security, allows dozens of staff (and especially his son-in-law) to access top secret material without security clearances. Who had many trusted advisers working with Russian officials during the campaign, including his own. 
Almost every change he’s made has made our government worse – an EPA head who denies global warming; a VP who denies evolution and hates gays (although he’s not alone in this administration); department heads with no experience in running huge agencies; and Trump’s habitual lies.
I could go on but the Beacon would soon run out of newsprint.

Barry Nordin


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commies always want to take down america.


Friday, February 23, 2018