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Yo-Mix opens in Cranston


Yogurt lovers, take note!

Yogurt has come to Cranston.

Wai Chan, owner of the popular Hong Kong Buffet just down the road from the new Park Avenue Yo-Mix, has opened what has been an immediate success – a true Yogurt Lounge – at 1375 Park Ave., in a new plaza that coincidentally houses a variety of health and fitness facilities.

Wai’s wife, Cindy Cheng, is managing the colorful, welcoming store, along with Mindy Chan and “Aunt” May Wu. Other relatives can also be found behind the counter.

Cindy said that Yo-Mix follows the Hong Kong Buffet concept: Give the customers quality and quantity at good prices, and allow them the freedom to choose just what and how much they want.

And there is plenty to choose from.

You are greeted at the door by smiling faces and, if you are a first-timer, shown how the user-friendly system works.

You take your cup and proceed to the yogurt stations, where you have a choice of eight flavors and two sorbets (for the lactose intolerant). You may mix flavors, trying different kinds if you wish. Some flavors will change every three to four weeks.

Then proceed to the toppings and sprinkle them on to your heart’s content. There are five dry offerings (Try the Captain Crunch), with two more coming.

A large counter offers 18 varieties of fruits, from berries to citrus to some interesting Chinese varieties. Then it is on to the grand finale, where there are 24 topping choices, all carefully marked, and ranging from candies to nuts to … I’ll leave you to be surprised.

Oh, yes, one final addition: Two containers of Ghiardelli’s chocolate and Carmel topping.

You weigh your masterpiece and pay 50 cents an ounce. We watched a number of people and the average cost seemed to be about $4.50.

The last instruction is to sit at one of the many tables and enjoy!

There is also a water cooler and tables outside.

My favorite flavors were the coconut and the mint. Both tasted like the real thing; Joyce agreed, and also loved the dark, creamy chocolate.

The yogurt is so smooth and creamy, unlike some of the product we have tried elsewhere.

The plus about Yo-Mix is that it is healthy food, especially if you skip the candy toppings and stick to fruit and nuts. All of the nutrition facts are posted right at the yogurt dispensers.

Yo-Mix has been a year-and-a-half in the making, from designing the interior and yogurt stations, all of which are kept immaculate, to building and staffing the bright and cheerful store.

Cindy says that they are looking to franchise in the future. For now, the family and friends are very busy keeping up with the customers, many of whom they know from their Hong Kong Buffet.

Yo-Mix opens at noon daily, and remains open until10 p.m., 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.


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