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(The ultimate home invasion movie)

If you are a fan of gory home invasion movies, you’ll love this one. “You’re Next” is the ultimate in horror, gore, blood and shock.

While I really hate the genre (Joyce wouldn’t even go), I have to admit that the writing and the three twists at the end were innovative. Getting there was one massive kill after another.

A large family has gathered at an isolated house. There are the parents and their grown children and their spouses and significant others. Animosities raise their ugly heads during dinner, when out of nowhere an arrow crashes through a window and the first of many victims is killed.

One by one family members are killed in a variety of ways, with lots of blood spilling, lots of screaming and lots of loud background music. This is not a movie for the feint of heart.

We get a glimpse of the killers, all wearing animal masks. The audience and family members are uncertain how many there are, which adds to the suspense.

Who is behind the massacre? And why?

Who will become the ultimate hero? And how?

When we do discover what is going on, there are still more surprises to come.

Don’t expect a happy ending. But you will get an ironic one. If only the movie could have been more subtle, I think I would have liked it. But then, its young target audience probably wouldn’t have.

Not rated, but at least a triple R.


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