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Seems that Rebecca Carter is outright begging for a slander suit. I, too, am familiar with the notifications distributed a couple months ago, and I, too, "looked into the matter". Rebecca Carter now has a great deal of RI thinking that the individual in question chose to move in to said residence for the mere fact that it is in close proximity to a school, but it is my understanding that the individual knew someone who had already been living at said residence for quite a bit of time and moved in because he had no where else to go. That "speaks to his state of mind" remark is quite damning, and Rebecca Carter--a highly-educated woman--should certainly know better than to make such a disparaging comment without evidence.

As a mental health worker, she should also know that distance is nothing in these cases. The proper way to handle released offenders is by asking our politicians to do more in terms of tracking and monitoring, not creating more or less distance.

And as far as that "terrorized" neighbor goes, given the winter we've had, I'm curious to know more about this open door/walking around with no shirt business. Is she suggesting that this is how said individual spent his time in the freezing temperatures? I would also be very interested find out if these actions of him "watching their house" were reported to the police. Seems they would have to be if the claims weren't fictitious, yet the police lieutenant said there have been "no complaints, incidents or criminal activity reported."

The floor is yours, Rebecca Carter and neighbor.

From: Mother fighting to change sex offender residency laws

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