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The comments already posted are so well done, accurate, and informative that there is little left to say.

There is one other thing in the article that disturbs me--the comment that the children are disturbed or anxious, something to that effect. This angers me, because this means that this generation is passing on the false information, the myths, the lies, to a new generation and perpetuating the lies upon which our current laws are based. These children did not, by themselves, become anxious and disturbed by the presence of a person in the neighborhood with a past history of a specific sort of crime and then glean for themselves that this automatically means danger to them--which, actually, it doesn't.

Parents, please, stop the fear-mongering. Do some research. Learn the facts, many of which have already been covered in previous posts here. Two things you need to know in relation to your children and the sex offender registry: your children are far likelier to end up on the registry than they are to be harmed by someone on it, and the person the most likely to sexually harm your child is not a registrant but someone who would be welcome in you home and has most likely already been there frequently.

From: Mother fighting to change sex offender residency laws

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