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I find it disconcerting that some people would minimize a mother’s concern for her children and those of other children when a verifiable, court certified threat exists to their wellbeing moves into their neighborhood. I think we could all agree a reaction of concern would be natural. A Level III Sex Offender has been determined to be at the highest risk to reoffend and when a multiple offender, in this case, prefers our most vulnerable (children under the age of 12) who is not known to the offender chooses to live just outside the 300 feet law with an unimpeded view to an Elementary School should raise questions. Add the high level of activity of children going to play Pokemon and laser tag a short walk literally across the street from this residence builds more questions. One is judged by the appearance of your actions, just as Ms. Carter has by some commenters on this page. What would you believe the intentions are of a Level III Sex Offender who has made such a decision to live in this particular location?

300 feet is minimal. It’s the equivalent of being about 4 houses away. Exactly a football field length without the end zones.

This is a common sense issue. In this case, the debt to society has been paid but the trust in the community has not been earned. I’d prefer such offenders lived on the moon, but 300 feet is not enough and falls woefully short of most other state laws.

From: Mother fighting to change sex offender residency laws

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