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Yes, Jean; have children; have grandchildren; have family members who have been sexually molested...all by those close to and trusted by the family. Your first area of confusion is equating everyone on the registry--sex offenders--with child molesters. They are far from one and the same. It is a case of the old adage, "All dogs are animals, but all animals are not dog." And your second area of confusion is believing that monitoring/restricting/confining all of those sex offenders--those on the registry--will protect children. It won't. Virtually all sexual crime against children is committed by those close to the children and trusted by them and their families--i.e., the family members, peers, and authority figures of the victims. And the third is that wanting laws and policies that research and concrete evidence show will be effective is "defending child molesters." It isn't. Everyone wants to protect children. That is precisely why I am anti-public registry and anti-residency restrictions. All the focus on registrants keeps us from ever seriously addressing the real problem. The current sex offender industry does nothing to help victims, not past, present, or future ones. And I assume you know who Patty Wetterling is. Are you seriously calling her a sick freak because she is anti-residency restrictions?

From: Mother fighting to change sex offender residency laws

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