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Hi, Jenn. Just curious to know what you would do if this was one of your children. Just assume they had no where else to go and had to move back in with you. Just assume that you lived near a school. If you're not the type to shoo your child away, then how would you feel if a crusader who didn't bother to do their research implied that your child moved into your residence for the sole purpose of being in a close proximity to a school? I'm assuming since you would know the facts, you might be upset with a comment like that.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I looked into this case when I became aware of the notifications a while back. This man's taking up of residency was solely about moving in with someone who had already lived there for quite some time because he had no where else to go.

You act as if I am condoning child molestation, which I am not. My problem is with people who are so quick to jump to conclusions without doing their homework--especially those who are higly-educated and know how to conduct thorough research as that is a requirement of the degree Rebecca Carter holds.

Unless you can engage in a response free of name-calling, I will not hold any more of a discussion with you. You are certainly entitled to both your feelings and opinions, but please learn how to set a proper example and execute them without the names.

From: Mother fighting to change sex offender residency laws

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