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Jenn, I can't help but agree with Rios about your propensity for name-calling and insulting those with whom you disagree.

And wow--I have never though of myself as a liberal, but if you deny what the Bible teaches about redemption and second chances, and you are a conservative, then I guess I will accept the title of liberal graciously. I believe that only God is capable of knowing who will and will not change for the better--and I thank Him that that is His job, not mine.

I do have a question for you. How can you defend a system that does absolutely nothing for victims, since you say you care for victims so much? The current system is focused totally on former offenders and continuing their punishment. It offers nothing for victims, not any services for former victims or prevention programs for present and future victims. If we diverted even a portion of the resources spent on the registry system to providing support systems for former victims and comprehensive programs of awareness and prevention for present and future ones, then we would have done something worthwhile.

From: Mother fighting to change sex offender residency laws

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