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Why isn't anyone calling "Obomacare" what it really is, the "Obomacare TAX".

Although everyone wants free health care, most of us understand that "free" means "taxpayer-paid". If we call it what it really is at least the discussion would be an honest one.

Similarly, Governor Gina Riamondo wants "free college education". I believe a more honest way of stating that would be to say "taxpayer-paid education". Both ideas would saddle the taxpayers with the tab and that is why the Obomacare premiums are already skyrocketing. College tuition in Rhode Island would too.

I, for one, am against that.

I, for one, am against the Obomacare "tax".

I, for one, am against the Riamondo-free-education "tax".

I see these programs through the eyes of the taxpayers that are paying the tab.

That's the way I see it.

Rick Corrente

From: Delegation vows fight to save best of Obamacare

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