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YEAH Senator, it's all a big joke...You're a funny guy, funny like a clown here to amuse us. You Mr. whitehouse, are the one who stood on the Senate floor during the closed debate on this tax albatross, "obamacare" and attempted to stifle any debate or questions by stating that anyone against this tax "was a Nazi." I bet they taught you that at UVA law school...Then again, I never got a 15 year old girl killed who was scheduled to be a key witness in a major trial shot due to incompetence...Keep laughing, laughing boy...You're a funny guy.

Let's see how long it takes for you disavow your standard bearer for the last 8 years...muhammad hussein barack al FUBAR, granter of commutations and pardons for treasonous acts...Keep laughing, funny man.

From: Delegation vows fight to save best of Obamacare

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