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“I don’t get the rationale to be concerned,” he said. “The folks that are retiring are locked into an agreement…Worst case scenario they're in the same situation.”

I thought Mr. Merolla was smarter than this. The guys worried about the next 3years don't necessarily want to retire. They will if the benefits change substantially. What is going on now is the unknown. Do they leave now, without a job, and hope to get one? Do they stay and potentially lock in a loss? Do they retire and hope for the best job wise?

For all the talk of great pensions, going to 50% or 60% or so of you pay without another opportunity is not doable for most. There is an alternative, and that is to sign an agreement that would guarantee those eligible to retire as of June 30th that they could go out under the current contract up to 30 days after the new contract is signed. That would avoid a mass exodus.

From: 20 percent of police department considering retirement

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