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Funny that Marolla speaks about language in the Police Contact that has been there for over 20 years, actually closer to 30 years and now it is an issue, how long has he been on the City Council and it was never an issue before. And others on the council think that if you keep kicking expenses down the road 6 months that some how it makes the situation better . . . but no it does not. The city will still have to replace a firetruck and police cars. No one expects that the City is going to have an open checkbook, but this agreement offers up a benefit that could be potentially be worth as much as $120,000 to $150,000 per member at todays rate. Multiply that times 172 that equals minimum $20,640,000.00 Its ironic that City Council meeting is monopolized by talk about FD sick time and switches. You have two contacts that are pending for City employees, would it not have been more prudent to deal with those two issues, then sick time and switches for the FD who do not even have a tentative agreement pending (this should have been postponed until July 16). People want to be Mayor and Council President . . . then you have to be able to put the pen to paper . . . and yes sometimes stick up for City workers who go out of their way to help the Citizens of Warwick every shift!

From: 20 percent of police department considering retirement

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