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Even though it may not be much of a savings and the council is looking for each department to make cuts how about the council forgo there healthcare.

They now have to serve 2 terms only 6 years to get healthcare FREE for life yup 6 years.

Prior to this it is was only one term and 3 years.

I don’t see Stacia and Bobby or Robby chirping about this. Now this is a total scam as they run for office voluntarily for the good of the community supposedly.

Imagine that a city worker via being a police officer, firefighter, municipal employee has to work over 20 years to obtain this benefit but the council only has to do 6 !!!!!!!

You want to start somewhere why don’t we start here at the top of our city.

To me as a taxpayer this is a travesty !!!!

From: 20 percent of police department considering retirement

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