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Dear Justanidiot,

Thanks for the kind words, but I set out on a mission to right the wrong in Warwick. That "wrong" involved Avedisian and others leaving. They did. I had "something" to do with it at a time when no one else dared to try. Opinions vary, but no one can deny I had "something" to do with it. I also had "something" to do with the 2017 budget hearings when, for the first time in 18 years, Avedisian was denied tax increases in the form of 29 amendments. He was UNANIMOUSLY denied all 29 times. My "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending" campaign had "something" to do with that. My critics will comically deny me any credit but you and I know better. It wasn't just a giant coincidence, was it.

You are left to "tink where the City would be" but the City IS BETTER OFF and I am very proud that I had "something" to do with that.

Happy St. Patricks old friend.

Happy St. Patricks everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

From: City offices plan could force arts center out of Apponaug

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