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Dear wwkvoter,

AKA Henry Krinkle,

1. You don't want me to use your name? Then stop complaining about mine. I have just as much right to call myself "The Taxpayers Mayor", as you do to call yourself "wwkvoter". Maybe more. Did you ever campaign for 700 days in a row? Or ANY days for that matter? No. You didn't. Did you ever spend $40,000 of your own money on behalf of the taxpayers? Or ANY money for that matter? No. You didn't.

2. You call my campaign slogan "unoriginal". Really? Can you name one Warwick candidate that promised to "Cut Taxes" or "Cut Spending" THIS CENTURY besides me? No, you can't.

3. You say "no spending was cut". Fact Henry, 29 "spendings" were cut!

4. We had the largest tax increase allowed by law. True! I didn't cause that increase in real estate taxes, but it's true. Problem is, real estate taxes aren't the only taxes that can be increased. Everyone knows that. Didn't you? Avedisian tried to add 29 tax-increasing amendments to that and, well, you know what happened.

5. I wasn't "thrown out of my house for not paying taxes." I sued my lender AND WON and documented it many times here. They were court-ordered to pay the tax bill that came out in my name and they did. They even paid it late so Warwick received MORE tax dollars. Slander can cost you a fortune Henry. Don't risk it.

Take care what you say Henry Krinkle of 154 Hopper Ave. Warwick, R.I.

Happy St. Patricks Henry.

Happy St. Patricks everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

From: City offices plan could force arts center out of Apponaug

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