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Dear cat,

You're not the first one to say that I lack a grasp on reality with my "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending" slogan. You did say something that I disagree with though. You said that "every politician runs on cutting taxes. Please show me just one printed statement since 2000. I can't find one piece of campaign literature from ANY Warwick candidate that pledges that. Just me.

You're wrong about another thing. This is a growing, "Us" problem. It has never, ever, been a "Me" problem. Warwick is almost a billion dollars in debt. And growing. Remember Detroit? Remember Coventry? Remember Central Falls?

And as long as I am picking on you, you're wrong about one more comment. You said "Do I care? Not really." Wrong. You do. Maybe not about me but you care. I wish more taxpayers were as "caring" as you. If they were, Warwick would be a better place to live. We would have a lot more people at the City Council meetings and the taxpayers would be much more involved in Warwick politics and issues.

Happy St. Patricks Cat.

Happy St. Patricks everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

From: City offices plan could force arts center out of Apponaug

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