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God forbid we have a lock down and then this entire policy will go out the window. If I were still a student, I would keep my phone with me. I will take the punishment because I refuse to be without communication in case someone tries to gun me down. Just try to pry it out of my hands. I really hope and pray this is never put to the test in Warwick schools.You have a bunch of teachers that couldn't be bothered to upload the emergency software on their phones last year just because the superintendent asked them to and now you want to tell me the same teachers are going to be the only ones with phones in case of an emergency? I wouldn't feel safe at all.

Folks, this isn't 1980 anymore. What you did in school isn't what your kid does in school. The dangers your child faces EVERY SINGLE DAY WALKING INTO THE SCHOOL are not what you faced walking into your school. That phone is a life line and you want to remove it from the classroom just because a few students are abusing the current policy. Good luck.

oh, and "we expect it to be administered in a firm, fair and consistent manner." is absolutely laughable. Teachers always have and always will have favorites. There will be kids that get punished and kids that skate by. Good luck with that as well.

From: Schools plan for cell phone ban

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