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“He has a very fresh approach to how we want to go forward. We are excited to see what we can accomplish in the next couple of years. We are going to have a much easier time getting stuff done in the neighborhood.” Mr. Depetrillo talking about candidate Foley....

TRANSLATION: Hardball politics against a guy who voted no on a contract. Mr. Foley is a carpetbagger, who was a ward 6 councilman, only despite all his union connections, managed to lose to that woman, twice...First step in a new ward, stack the committee process with the candidates wife and two unnamed new committee members. Conflict of interest, you decide...Me thinks they ( the unions) control the school committee now go after the whole council.

As for Mr. Corley, even though I know some of his family members, I didn't know him...In fact I voted for Rich Casella, whom I have known for 25 years...None the less, of people I have talked with, ALL said Mr. Corley responded to them. In other words, he has been responsive to the best of my knowledge.

Regarding mr. flakes comment, "Mr Corley has done nothing for the ward and seems not to have any clout on council. Statements about sewer assessments are just that. In ths end the residents are still saddled with $25K bills. "

Perhaps you can tell us what one councilman out of 9 is supposed to do regarding the assessment? "Done nothing in the ward."....I've been here 60 years, please, lecture me about the politics in this city and this ward...Make my day...

Corley has done nothing wrong to be voted out, in fact, I will likely vote for him this time...This type of politics aligned against him stinks to high heaven, imho.

From: Ward 1 Dems endorse incumbent' s opponent

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