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I have been to two planning board meetings as well as a Pawtuxet resident for over 35 years-please read comment by staygoldenfolks!-Agree so much info missing here- It should be noted that this trail has been used by the public for longer than I have been here and the development in question has flooded so many times with just a heavy rain. Great effort has been put into the cleanup of this river by people on the Warwick and Cranston sides and the rezoning of this property should have happened many, many years ago. In the 2010 flood this area was completely under water closing down the adjacent Shaws and leaving Post Rd. impassable for days with ducks swimming in it. All concerned citizens should attend the next planning board meeting and check into Pawtuxet Green Revival on facebook.

From: Temporary closure of river trail raises concerns over Pawtuxet site

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