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Surprise! This week, the Warwick Beacon endorsed each of the RI bond issues after careful consideration and great deliberation, totaling $400 million. Next week, the same deliberation will go into endorsing the Warwick bond issues for new schools, totally $350 million. Thus, if passed, the total burden to be imposed on the Warwick taxpayer will be ¾ of a Trillion dollars! Whoever heard of such lunacy before? The Beacon editors are utterly incapable of saying no to this self imposed slavery and the burdens that go with it. They cannot exercise their liberty as an independent journal because they have passed over the indeterminate line where that was possible. The result is that they must endorse the growth of government, the creation of the deep state here in Warwick and the decrease of the taxpayer’s freedom. They have rejected the truth of free speech which they inherited in the American Constitution with the 1st Amendment and have been given over to strong delusion that they should believe the lie. They cannot throw off their delusion which exactly fits their rebellion. The judgment of God is upon them. 2 Thess 2:10-12

From: In support of this year’s ballot initiatives

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