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Picozzi has the vendetta against taxpayers that simply want work orders filled out by DPW workers for the work they do and accountability for all the inventory.

Picozzi wastes more money and allows things to get stolen.

This administration brought everything upon themself since waste and abuse started getting its just rewards.

The mandatory sewer hook ups for elderly taxpayers in Gov Francis that could not afford them were up against the Mayor's relentless chronyism.

I felt so bad the people fighting against that forced hookup had to go all the way to the State to get it fixed because the Mayor continues feeding off the taxpayers even if they are 90 years old.

How can you defend such a Mayor.. how?.

The stonewalling at finance and council meetings by the Mayor and his 5 chrony city council members in broad daylight did all they could to deny the people of Warwick respect.

The people of Central Falls never stood against spending corruption, fraud, and waste.

And when Warwick citizens began to ask questions as they learned from Central falls mistakes,and as we see now many other towns, they are disrespectfully told, sit down and mind your own business.

Every bit of waste and corruption is swept under the rug.

If Warwick is heading to bankruptcy the Mayor will allow it to run it's course. His discussions show he is in denial.

This administration clearly disrespects the wrong citizens.

I hope Cote and the car tax revolters continue thier fight and continue to gain support.

Certain city workers will never open thier eyes and defend Cote.

That is what makes Cote the small town hero that he is and your personal attacks validate it.

From: Cote charged with harassing phone calls, claims he’s the victim

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