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I have read all the comments and its easy to see who the "city siders" are! For example the dive shop incident, if I recall, looked like retaliation when Cote pointed out issues with the Fire Dept dive rescue procedures. Then when he lit up the patently unfair and probably illegal car taxation issue, the city council retaliated by attempting to sue the Beacon, and pass rules banning free speech and signs at city hall. The city also stole his "Car Tax Revolt" signs. As to the ACTUAL ISSUES, even the "city siders" agree! This is the 1st Amendment to our Constitution at work. It protects even (espacially) uncomfortable speech and ESPECIALLY when it calls out wrongdoing by our government.

That being said, Cote is making the wrong choice when he runs his mouth. He should in fact be more moderate. Just as strong, but more moderate to gain the respect of people who would get involved with the right venue. Warwick, for example, needs a Taxpayers Organization made up of volunteers who understand city issues and finances and who can attend meetings and contribute opposing viewpoints. Everybody would respect that (except for the few who actually get caught with wrongdoing or wasteful acts).

But make no mistake, Cote is on the receiving end of classic city persecution, and thats just as wrong if not more wrong than him running his mouth instead of keeping his composure . I think both sides need to think about the future of our city. We have some good people running the city and a few bad apples as well. It takes members of the public to get rid of those bad apples, which is why the 1st Amendment is so highly protected. It also honors our troops and veterans to speak up and get issues out in the open, something else to think about when you see a grave with an American flag upon it. We just need to stay with the main issues, in my opinion.

From: Cote charged with harassing phone calls, claims he’s the victim

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