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Now let's see, We had a couple of progressive commenting,one may also be on the Council or at the State House. A few City employee's who loves what Mr Cote as done to wake-up the City and the only one who get it is the Taxpayer comment. Mr Cote does like the his name it light but that is not the way to get things done. You need to following them through, like the Car Tax Revolt? He putting a lot of time and effect in getting the Word out and got it to the State House but it never seen the light of day after that. Mr Cote if you are reading this keep your cool if you can. if your going to start something don't quit that job before it's finished... Do make the issue all about you...... Just look at your Car Tax Revolt website. To seems like a Tribute to you. If you don't believe me, send it to someone who know nothing about the issue and ask them what do they think..

From: Cote charged with harassing phone calls, claims he’s the victim

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