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I was there when Cote rushed to the State house at the last minute because another bill was introduced that would change the valuations of cars but keep the revenue in tact.

Cote was there .. were you there ... were the tax payers there?

There was nothing in it for Cote except loose another night with his family.

He doesn't care about recognition and Cote has no interest running for anything.

He went on the radio to get traction yet the McNamara bill was held for further study.

Cote blasted John Brien the leader of the State finance committee "On Air " who replied to Cote,.. "Gordon Fox is the boss and there isn't anything Brien can do".

Why don't you approach Brien about it. Cote did.

Cote faught tooth and nail to awaken taxpayers and help them understand unfair cartaxes is about spending.

But taxpayers have stayed home for this years budget hearings again as they do every year.

There isn't anything else that can be done.

Witnessing stagnant political corruption in Rhode Island I feel Cote's tone has been on key.

Barring the State's ineptness, It's amazing how one citizen can bring so much attention to a subject.

Rhode Island's problems are vast and extencive and for that you wrongly blame Cote, one citizen.

Perhaps after taking stabs at Cote you would like to take a few on Gina M. Raimondo.

It wasn't just about a car taxes and it wasn't about Cote at all.

Taxpayers continue to drop the ball.

Are you going to be the new pied piper?

Cote would love you to show him how to lead people to budget hearings.

Cote was sure to get harrassed by city workers speaking when he speaks publicly on his positions that most politicians dare not talk about in public

because then city workers will harrass them too..

The guy has more courage than 10 of you put together.

So, show us how it's done.


From: Cote charged with harassing phone calls, claims he’s the victim

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