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How funny is this article. Shows who the real men are. DPW worker sticking up for the one percent of the employees who cheat the system, acts like Mr. Tough guy, flipping Cote off like a little girl, then running to the police to file a police report full of " lies of omission " Isn't that exactly what the police said in that the DPW worker left out the fact that there was an exchange earlier in the day?

Now what about the two percent of the DPW workers who are ripping off the city? How is that fair to the ninety eight percent that bust their ass everyday to do the right thing and give the tax payer a honest days work.

Who are these low life two percent of the workers ripping off exactly. Well let's start with the police who work hard everyday to protect the people of the city.

Or is it the men and women Warwick taxpayers who are fighting in AFganistan. Risking their lives to protect a country where justice is supreme. Is the guy who is fighting with Cote, sticking up for the people who steal the tax payer property and time?

The only hero here is Rob Cote who was brought up with Cristian values, and wants to live in a state that isn't in last place with everything from employment to quality of life. Are all of the people who work for 60 minutes loose cannons? Are all of the people at target 12 or channel 10 loose cannons?

Hendrickson taught me as well as Cote to stand up for the common man protect to less fortunate and stand up for justice and to fight injustice. One thing that. I will never be,and that is a COWARD who gives someone the finger and runs to the police for protection.

From: Cote charged with harassing phone calls, claims he’s the victim

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