A bridge over troubled feelings

Posted 6/29/22

 I have come under some tough times lately and have wondered about the whole meaning of life issue. Discouraged, it was often hard to see good times.  Small issues that would normally not …

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A bridge over troubled feelings


 I have come under some tough times lately and have wondered about the whole meaning of life issue. Discouraged, it was often hard to see good times.  Small issues that would normally not bother me had become insurmountable, and I cringed at the sight of the dirty dishes piling up in the sink, and the dirty dishes in the bedroom that have not yet made their way to the sink.  Sleep eluded me at night as I tossed and turned, pulling the covers off Hubby and waking him up. My appetite was   either a strong yearning for Russell Stover Candy and Jelly Bellies, or non-existent, uncharacteristically going a whole day without eating. The bumps in the road of life had hobbled me.

I had to drive to Jamestown the other day to add a few more EZ passes to my cache.  As I listened to the radio, the song “You’re Beautiful” came on the radio station K-Love, sung by the group Mercy Me.  “The days will come when you don’t have the strength. When all you hear is “you’re not worth anything”…but you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, you are meant for so much more than all of this. You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, you are treasured…” The song started playing as I started to drive over the Jamestown Bridge, and suddenly intense sunlight which filled my car, as if on cue from the song, making everything beautiful.  Even with sunglasses on, the light was bright enough to demand my attention. Looking out the window, the sun was radiating through the clouds, streaking the sky with what appeared to be happiness.  The water sparkled with sunlight like a million fireflies, and the boats zig zagged through the water making waves with their wakes. My heart imploded with a joy so powerful that my body shook, and goosebumps covered my arms.  The car seemed to be on autopilot while driving because I was in a trance of bliss and contentment. The ride on the bridge was over too soon, but the feeling of happiness stayed with me.

There were several other times when the earth portrayed its beauty, and I was affected similarly. My brother loved elevators and escalators and anything that conveyed a person from place to place.  He especially loved the ski lifts that would take us up to the top of a mountain during the fall. The swish of the chair around at the top of the mountain was a precursor to the view that was about to be shared. The autumn trees in full bloom created a tapestry of bright colors, oranges, reds, yellows and greens, colors made brighter by the sun shining upon them.  The lakes and rivers below sparkled in every shade of blue, aquamarine, teal, cobalt, sapphire and indigo. It was the sunlight that affected me the most.  It was warm, and inviting, and dare I say it, loving.  It enveloped my heart with peace and happiness.  

These incidents are being shared as evidence of the beautiful, spiritual earth on which we live. They may be evidence of divine intervention, or just my own body’s response to such magnificence. Each of these incidents reminded me of my own beautiful heart and minimized any perceived problems I had. How could I be crabby about a small problem when there were so many reasons to be joyful?

     My dishes have been washed and my kitchen and bedroom are now clean.  I am eating carrots for a snack and have learned not to worry about things.  “Things” get solved and go away, and new “things” will emerge.  If they ever start to bother me again, I will find another bridge to drive over on a sunny day.    

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