A text-free morning

Posted 7/26/22

It was a miracle!  I could not believe it!  Today, when getting up and grabbing my phone for my morning bathroom routine, THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE TEXT ON IT! No words staring up at me on the …

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A text-free morning


It was a miracle!  I could not believe it!  Today, when getting up and grabbing my phone for my morning bathroom routine, THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE TEXT ON IT! No words staring up at me on the screen, only the time bright and bold without encumbrance. I was speechless!  That has never happened since that first cell phone made its way into my eager hands.

Having five children, six grandchildren, two jobs, and a volunteer job, there has always been a text (or two, or ten,) awaiting my review and hoovering for a response.  Not today!

There was no text from my son, Steven, telling me he had let his humongous dog out, something I was afraid to do because the dog is almost as big as I am, with sharp claws and an excitement so great he jumps on me to try to lick me, almost knocking me over. Letting me know the dog was outside in the large, fenced in area, complete with a shed to hide in if it rains, a water trough big enough for cattle, balls and toys galore, and a trampoline on which he likes to sit and bask in the sun. I could relax for the day knowing he was happy outside and not ruining the inside of my house.  But no confirmation text this morning…

There was no text from a volunteer from the church telling me that the donation bin was overflowing with bags of clothing, which was a daily occurrence. When the orange bin is full, people start putting the bags on the front porch, causing obstacles to walking. But no text this morning…

There was no text from Marie, letting me know her plans for the day.  Grocery shopping?  Fishing?  Bowling? Swimming? Cleaning? Doctor’s appointment? Volunteering? Sleeping late, which would be my guess because there was no text this morning…  

There was no text from my grandson, Alejandro, telling me a joke, such as “What did the farmer call the cow that had no milk? An udder failure.” Or “Why do candles always go on the top of birthday cakes? Because it would be too hard to light them on the bottom.” It had been difficult to establish a good relationship with this ‘tween, and I missed the banter with no text this morning.

Texts from my son, Francis, in California usually included pictures of him and my grandchildren, smiling at the beach making sandcastles, taking the train to Seattle, riding a merry-go-round, or swimming in a pool.  The saying that a picture can speak a thousand words in certainly true in his case, and they always make me smile. But no text this morning.

There was no word from Walgreens “on the corner of Sandy Lane and Warwick Avenue” informing me a prescription was ready to be picked up.  No ad from Subway promising me a free six inch if I purchased a foot long or from Chili’s offering free chips and queso. No enticement from Healthtrax waiving the sign-up fee if I join right now. No word from Papa Gino’s on saving money on pizza. No reminder from Citizens that my bank account is overdrawn or that my ATM card is being shut off due to expected fraud.  No political propaganda telling me not to vote for Barbara Sharief, (a state representative from Florida,) or from Ron Desantis inviting me to a Victory Dinner in Hollywood, Florida.  No advertisement from realtors that they could sell my house right now for good money. No text from Panera telling me my order is ready and no text from Love in Faith advertising inspirational t-shirts for $5. No reminder from the Census Bureau to complete their survey, or from Walmart to tell me that my curbside order is ready to be picked up. No texts from any of them this morning.

Not getting texts is a welcomed event, except for not getting my daily “I love you” and “What do you want for dinner?” texts from Hubby. What’s up with that? Oh, I forgot.  It is still early and he is still asleep in the bedroom, so no texts from him yet.


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