COLLECTIBLES: Hobby or Second Income

Posted 11/26/21

So, how does the world of collecting enter the picture in 2019? How can a hobby become your second income ticket? Heading to retirement, and you just know that social security - savings - and a …

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COLLECTIBLES: Hobby or Second Income


So, how does the world of collecting enter the picture in 2019? How can a hobby become your second income ticket? Heading to retirement, and you just know that social security - savings - and a pension - might not be quite enough to provide for you in the style to which you’ve been accustomed? Or are you a millennial saving for your first home - or first baby - or a move?

Why not take that hobby or fun thing to do from time to time - and make it your second income ticket? That means learning the professional ins and outs of collecting, appraisals and auctions. And - we can help.

Every Sunday there is a podcast called “The Justuff League” ( A whole new set of podcasts are airing, starting this past week. Together with Kevin Bruneau, owner of Bruneau and Co. Auctioneers and James Supp, of Coronado Trading Co and an Appraiser on PBS’ Antique Roadshow, and me - we’re telling you how to get started in the wonderful world of collecting.

From the very basics such as what tools to take with you when going to yard sales or auctions - to how to determine value and sell at auction - to much more sophisticated appraisal and auction information. While that Sunday ride to yard sales is somewhat passé and replaced with online activity on eBay or other sales sites, we still live in an antique and collectible rich part of the United States. So, we take this seriously - and have a whole lot of fun along the way, too.

In addition to becoming a sponge about this field by listening to the podcasts, there is a lot to learn online - and of course, our auction house is here, too! Right in Cranston, off Elmwood Avenue - whether you come to a Friday night “Discovery Auction” (moved from the familiar Monday nights), with items at all price points or use us to consign items for resale - or ask us for help in starting that comic book or diecast trains and cars collection, we’d love to help you get started. Collecting as an investment strategy is a very real thing, and often can be done with better payoffs than the stock market - but always with a raspberry risk.

For those who think this “hobby” and “profession” is one for older people, it’s not! I deal with people my young age all the time. I love people to get involved in doing this for hobby or added income - or just because they love celebrating things of the past as much as I do.

More than that, educating is in my blood and sharing what I’ve learned, from the time of 9, along with my dad, is just what I do.

In today’s day and age, the newspaper, internet, and radio are filled with advertising about cleanouts, yard sales, buy this or that, sell this or that, paying CASH for gold, silver, and coins, paying CASH for your antiques, dusty collectibles, old toys, and comics. You name it, it is out there. Be careful. Know your resources. And know that we’re always here.

Remember - everything you counted on in work and income is in flux - because the world is in flux.

The gold watch isn’t in our futures. Things are often out of our control - they depend on what country is fighting what country, or where tariffs will change the markets. It’s not that all you can count on these days is yourself; but if you make that “self” as resilient and prepared as you can, with resources not exclusive held in the one job you have, then you can be that rock that never moves when and if the waves crash around. Be resilient - collecting can be part of your present - and it can be your plan for a more solid future.

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