County Cork Irish Pub

Reopening when outside construction is completed


Fans of County Cork Irish Pub have been waiting patiently for the long-anticipated reopening of their favorite pub in town ~ and the end of that wait is in sight!  During the restaurant’s hiatus this winter, lots was happening in and around the pub, including a major renovation project.  For the past few months, offshore equipment has been busy reinforcing the seawall that protects the pub’s property from the cove’s everchanging tides. When this work is done, a new patio of stamped concrete will replace the sand that has been there since the pub opened. 

Soon, (but not yet!) the picnic tables will return.  The shady, colorful umbrellas will return.  The pristine view of the sparkling waters of Warwick Cove will return.  And most of all, the famous food and company and atmosphere that County Cork Irish Pub is best known for will also return! 

As soon as Cora McAuliffe, the popular owner of the pub, knows when they are clear to open, she promises that YOU will be the first to know.  Stay tuned to the pub’s updated Facebook page and website to get the final word.  The time is soon approaching when you will be dining and drinking with your favorite people, indulging your appetites on your favorite pub-grub and lingering over drinks as the sun sets over the cove.

While work is progressing outside at 50 Waterfront Drive, there has been plenty of activity going on inside as well.  Ken Heidelburg, the pub’s chef, has been busy adding some new items to the menu.  Gone are the heartier dishes of the fall & winter, and in come the fresh salads, sandwiches, and entrees of the summer.  While the standard menu items that diners love at the pub remain, be sure to check out the latest additions from Ken’s kitchen in the weeks to come.

During this extended period of shutdown, Cora has been grateful for the words of support and the many inquiries that have come from the pub’s loyal patrons. These words of encouragement have sustained this family-run establishment when it seemed like everyone in the restaurant business faced a real threat of permanent closure. Cora, her husband Patrick, and all those who have dined at County Cork, believed there would be a success story in the end.  After nine years, the pub plans on reopening with its devoted staff and crew, and never looking back.

Cora would also like to give a shout out to her incredible staff who are truly the heart of this establishment.  Be sure to give them a special nod when you see them again in the weeks to come!

County Cork continues to abide by all state COVID guidelines, including mandatory face coverings and social distancing. Once reopened, reservations will be required for indoor dining and seating at the bar is temporarily suspended.

Follow County Cork Irish Pub’s progress on Facebook or on their website at


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