David’s Greenwood Barber Shop

Walk-ins only, no appointments needed


There aren’t many places where you can go anymore where you can find tradition and nostalgia mixed with the energy and trends of this new era. But places like this do exist, places just like David’s Greenwood Barber Shop on Post Road in Warwick. It is here, at this longstanding barber shop in the Greenwood section of the city, where you will find owner Dave Picozzi and his son Geno, the barbers who have given this enduring landmark its longevity, and its reputation.

David’s Greenwood Barber Shop has been the destination for men’s hair cuts in Warwick for nearly thirty unbroken years. That is a remarkable milestone by anyone’s standards ~ they have survived economic downturns and pandemics ~there is nothing that can slow down this father-son partnership.

How has this family-run business survived when so many others have been swept away like a pile of newly-shorn hair? Just ask Dave and Geno. They know that it takes consistency, attention to detail, affordability, and an environment where customers feel right at home. They know it takes “old-fashioned” values of honesty, respect and quality workmanship to have their kind of staying power.

Dave and Geno also know who their clients are and what they want; many of them have been loyal to the Picozzis since the barber shop opened in October 1992. Watching Dave and Geno with these faithful customers is like watching old friends who can’t stop laughing at an inside joke and who finish each other’s sentences.

Whether these buddies are talking about a walk-out win by the Red Sox or the latest in national politics or just the fickle New England weather, there is always something to keep the conversation going at this neighborhood barber shop. This is what it is like with Dave, Geno and many of their customers. There is a kinship here that is hard to duplicate ~ and a camaraderie that is rare in our fast-paced world.

The Picozzi’s owe a lot to their loyal clients. To show this appreciation they make sure that each customer is satisfied with their cut or trim every time he leaves the shop. The priority of these talented barbers is, and always will be, 100% customer satisfaction. Every time you step into their shop, Dave and Geno will go to any lengths to achieve just the look you want.

For those of you who like fades, temps, and line-ups – or just the classic “men’s regular”, David’s Greenwood Barber Shop is the place to go. Just need a trim? No problem at all – just walk right in; Dave and Geno are waiting for you.

David’s Greenwood Barber Shop is located at 2879 Post Road. No appointment is ever needed. Hours are Tuesday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays from 7:30am to noon. For more information call 401-738-7790.


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