David’s Greenwood Barbershop

Still cutting men’s hair for 27 years, and counting


These are times of uncertainty, times that have instilled in us all a healthy dose of “fear of the unknown”.  People are nervous and guarded, urged to stay at home and hunker down to ride out the storm.  But for David Picozzi, the longtime owner of David’s Greenwood Barbershop, these are also times to stay calm and hold on dearly to what we know.  This is some of what we know:

We know that good neighbors and loyal customers will always be there for you ~ before, during and after the rough times. 

We know that even cruel viruses can (and will) be contained and overcome, and that we will return to normalcy soon enough. 

We know that our strong New England spirit and sense of invincibility have helped us survive natural disasters, recessions ~ even attacks. We will survive. 

Finally, we know that sometimes all we need is just the smallest act of self-care to make us feel better ~ a clean haircut, a spin in the swivel chair, a talk with an old friend ~ exactly the kind of thing you find at David’s Greenwood Barbershop.

David’s Greenwood Barbershop has been an enduring presence on the Warwick landscape for nearly 27 years.  It is a “mens-only” barbershop on Post Road where generations of men and boys have come to get their hair cut for all those years.  The shop is as timeless and classic as a Norman Rockwell painting.

During these difficult times, Dave would like to thank all his customers who have supported him and Geno, his son and fellow barber, for over two and a half decades. He also wants you to know that, long before this outbreak, he has always taken the cleanliness of his shop and the well-being of his clients very seriously.  A long-standing sign on the door of his shop admonishes his clients to postpone their haircuts until they are healthy.  The shop is spotless and has always been kept clean, well before it was ever mandated to be so.  If it matters to you, it matters to Dave and Geno.

While the governor has shut down all salons, if you have any questions of Dave or Geno, feel free to call the shop.  They are checking their messages every day and are following the status of the shutdown very carefully.  Like SO many other small, family-run businesses who are suffering through this crisis, they need your continued support and patronage ~ for as long as hair grows, men and boys of all ages will need their hair cut!!  And for as long as hair grows, David’s Greenwood Barbershop will be there to cut it!

David’s Greenwood Barbershop is right where it has always been at 2879 Post Road.  When open, the hours are Tuesday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 7:30 am to 2:00 pm. For more information call 401-738-7790.


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