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There was a time when the opportunity to travel the world seemed reserved for only a privileged few.  But not today!  Today, the expression “the world is your oyster” applies to everyone!  If you have a desire to see firsthand the ancient ruins of Rome or to journey through the Holy Land, explore the icy fjords of Norway, roam the cobblestone streets of Spain, photograph the picturesque hamlets of Switzerland or touch the stones of Stonehenge, then today is the day to take your first step! You can even find magical places to explore right here in our own glorious country.

Of travel, author Jawaharlal Nehru said: “We live in a wonderful world, full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if we only seek them with our eyes open.” If you have only dreamt of adventures yet lived, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to begin your journey ~ wherever those dreams have imagined. 

For many, just putting together all the moving parts of a long-deserved vacation can be daunting.  You do NOT have to go it alone. 

Globus, a world renown tour operator, is here to bring those dreams to life.  For over 90 years, Globus has set the gold standard for award-winning touring across virtually every continent. No matter where your travel destination takes you, Globus’s network of travel partners, operations experts and hospitality pros will be YOUR partners, every step of the way.

Begin your Globus adventure by contacting your local travel adviser, Sue Rezendes and her talented, world-traveled team at The Travel Connection, right here in Warwick!    

From unforgettable classic tours to “passion-packed vacations” which offer even more choices, independence, private itineraries, and off-the-beaten path surprises, Globus and The Travel Connection have a travel style to match every imagination ~ and every budget. 

Here are some of the myriad reasons to choose these longstanding and time-tested companies:

• Go beyond the guidebooks and experience VIP sightseeing with expert tour directors and local guides who will walk you down the untrodden paths of each country you visit.

• Skip the lines! Globus’s worldwide relationships move you to the front of the line, but also behind the scenes ~ they have already done the legwork!

• Stay in hand-selected hotels which have all been vetted for comfort, convenience, location, and amenities ~ there is no guesswork here.

• Have access to the best, most authentic cuisine while leaving you the time and flexibility to seek out culinary finds of your own.

Globus and The Travel Connection will get you started so don’t postpone the trip of a lifetime because you don’t know where to begin. Together, they will make every arrangement to provide you with a seamless experience, no matter where your heart and mind take you!

Contact Sue Rezendes by calling the office at 401-946-6010 or via email at To learn more, visit The Travel Connection’s website at


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