Hamilton, Thomas Henry, Sr.


On 3/29/2023 Thomas Henry Hamilton Sr. passed away close to family and friends nine days short of his 94th birthday. Tom Sr. was certainly one of a kind. Tom was very much a legend in his own right among his family and friends and all of those that new him.

Tom was a devoted husband of 72 years, a committed father to his three children, grandfather of 7, great grandfather of 9, and great great grandfather of 3. Living most of his life in Rhode Island and then later Florida, Tom walked through and overcame many obstacles in his life.

Tom took pride in his work, making a career working in Cranston Public Schools. Tom loved to cook, especially for his family and was an avid fisherman, lover of afternoon naps, fan of NASCAR and made time for one or all of these any day of the week possible. Tom was a humble man in many ways happy to not be the center of attention unless he was showing off his latest catch or serving his family and friends the food he prepared. Tom instilled his passion for cooking, fishing and family into all those that new and loved him.

Norman Cousins once said, "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we're still alive. If anything, let today inspire you to live a life with no regrets." That is the legacy Tom leaves behind. A life lived with no regret, pride in your work, perseverance and family.