In support of this year’s ballot initiatives

Posted 10/19/22

Critics of state governmental spending are quick to point out when dollars are wasted, but they are less vocal to discuss initiatives worth the investment.

The three measures asking for Rhode …

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In support of this year’s ballot initiatives


Critics of state governmental spending are quick to point out when dollars are wasted, but they are less vocal to discuss initiatives worth the investment.

The three measures asking for Rhode Islanders’ support on this year’s ballot are each worthy due to one simple, underlying fact — they support initiatives that will directly, or indirectly, positively affect all Rhode Islanders.

Question 1 asks for voter support to borrow $100 million for the University of Rhode Island to help position it as a national leader in the so-called Blue Economy. As a state that rightfully owns the moniker of the Ocean State, we have already shown incredible growth in this industry throughout the state (it generates $5 billion annually throughout the defense, marine trades, tourism, and fisheries industries) and we would be foolish to deny further investment in this bleeding-edge field.

The University of Rhode Island, as our flagship state university, is the exact right institution towards which to funnel these dollars, as they already produce top-tier talent that will be further incentivized to remain in Rhode Island, working in the types of industries this bond will help bolster and support.

Question 2 should not even require a vote. Considering all the legitimate complaints citizens across every Rhode Island community can reasonably levy against their public school districts, the continuation of an investment in repairing and upgrading our aging schools is something we cannot afford to deny. The initial $250 million bond, approved in 2018, has resulted in success stories across the state in the way of countless infrastructural upgrades to school districts that would have otherwise been unable to afford them. It is simply the right thing to do, and we must continue the work.

Question 3 would allocate $50 million towards climate resiliency, green energy loans, water quality improvement, forest and habitat restoration, land revitalization, open space acquisition, local recreation grants, and new facilities at the Roger Williams Park Zoo. In the scope of our massive, more than $13 billion budget, again, this investment is something that no true Rhode Islander should be hesitant to vote for.

Our natural resources are everything. They drive tourism, they provide us with the high quality of life we all enjoy, and they are in jeopardy due to rising ocean waters and climate change. This bond will provide money available to every Rhode Island community to help them do local, tangible projects that have real, observable results. It is, again, an investment we cannot afford to not make.

There will be plenty of room for critics to complain about how the money is ultimately allocated, or how effective the bond measures are overall after the fact — but to deny the state the opportunity to tackle the three key issues these questions seek to address would be foolish, shortsighted, and against a potentially brighter future for Rhode Island.

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  • Straightnnarrow

    Surprise! This week, the Warwick Beacon endorsed each of the RI bond issues after careful consideration and great deliberation, totaling $400 million. Next week, the same deliberation will go into endorsing the Warwick bond issues for new schools, totally $350 million. Thus, if passed, the total burden to be imposed on the Warwick taxpayer will be ¾ of a Trillion dollars! Whoever heard of such lunacy before? The Beacon editors are utterly incapable of saying no to this self imposed slavery and the burdens that go with it. They cannot exercise their liberty as an independent journal because they have passed over the indeterminate line where that was possible. The result is that they must endorse the growth of government, the creation of the deep state here in Warwick and the decrease of the taxpayer’s freedom. They have rejected the truth of free speech which they inherited in the American Constitution with the 1st Amendment and have been given over to strong delusion that they should believe the lie. They cannot throw off their delusion which exactly fits their rebellion. The judgment of God is upon them. 2 Thess 2:10-12

    Friday, October 21, 2022 Report this

  • Straightnnarrow

    Just say no!

    Monday, October 24, 2022 Report this