Last line of defense


To the Editor:

National Police Week is here once again, but don’t look for anything posted anywhere announcing the fact because you will not find it. These brave men and women are our last line of defense against the savages that would devour us if possible but our so-called elected officials are too busy trying to destroy the President so this is not in their agenda.

And sadly for the glad-handers of our state with Memorial Day postponed they may not have a chance to take the obligatory photo with a veteran. This is the only time you will see any of them even come near a veteran.

We have a group of alleged legislators who have forgotten that they have been elected to serve the people.

When was the last time any one of them did anything to help you?


John Cervone

North Providence


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cops are one step up from the savages that they are supposedly protecting us from. give them an gun and a badge and the power starts to really go to their head.

Thursday, May 14
Vic the Barber

Just an idiot shows us how tough he is cramping on the cops and hiding behind a no name screen name. Tough guy Thursday.

Thursday, May 14

vic likes it when cops break open a few hippies heads and drags them down to his shop for a crew cut. those kickbacks sure do help

Friday, May 15