APPROVED August 17, 2022
Frank J. Picozzi, MAYOR



Be it ordained by the City of Warwick:

Section I. The Zoning Map and the Record Book of Lot Classifications which are a part of the Zoning Ordinances of the City of Warwick are hereby amended by changing the classification of the following described premises from General Business (GB) to General Business, with authorization for Use Code 420, Carwash, with exemptions from Warwick Zoning Ordinance to develop the parcel with a 4, 739 +/- s.f. drive-through carwash:

Lot 7 on Assessor’s Plat 215 as said plats appeared in the Tax Assessor’s office on December 31, 2021 is hereby changed from General Business (GB) to General Business, with authorization for Use Code 420. Carwash, with dimensional waivers from Warwick Zoning Ordinance, with exceptions from Section 301: Table 1 Use Regulations Footnote 7; Section 301 Table 2 B: exception from side-yard setback from abutting residential district; Section 505.1 Minimum Landscape Buffer: exception from required landscape buffer; Section 505.6(B) Parking Lot Interior Landscaping and Section 702: exception from Loading Requirements. The lots are set forth in the legal description and on the map attached hereto as Exhibit A.

Subject to the following conditions, waivers and stipulations:

1. That all Plans shall comply with “Rules and Regulations for Professional Land Surveying in the State of Rhode Island,” effective date November 25, 2015.

2. That the Applicant shall submit a Preliminary Land Development Plan that complies with Appendix C, Final Application, of the City’s Development Review Regulations Governing Subdivisions, Land Development Projects, and Development Plan Review, last amendment dated March 14, 2001.

3. That a Storm Water Management Plan shall be submitted in accordance with the Rhode Island Storm Water Design and Installation Standards Manual, dated December 2010, that is designed to demonstrate a net zero rate of runoff from the proposed development.

4. That the design Engineer must met with the City of Warwick Department of Public Works (DPW) engineering staff to review the proposed drainage system prior to submission to the RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) or Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT).

5. That an Operation and Maintenance Plan for the proposed stormwater collection system be included with the Preliminary Plan submission to the Planning Department.

6. That sewer service be reviewed and approved by the West Warwick Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility under the inter-municipal agreement for sewer service. Prior to Preliminary application, the applicant shall obtain the required wastewater approvals and permits.

7. That the Applicant shall obtain all necessary permits from the Kent County Water Authority for water service to the site.

8. That the Applicant provide the following items related to traffic with their Preliminary Plan application:

a. An updated trip generation/traffic impact study and assessment of signalized intersection at the full access curb cut, Division Street (Route 401), and the Route 4 on ramp / off ramp.

b. An analysis of the internal circulation between the car wash and adjacent gas station (Lot 7), is provided and mitigation measures are proposed such as pavement markings and signage for proper ingress to the site, and to mitigate any internal vehicular conflicts; analysis to include the shared egress.

c. An assessment of the potential impact of additional traffic flow to/from the site on the Quaker Lane (Route 2)/Division Street (Route 401, East Greenwich town line) intersection.

d. A letter from RIDOT stating that a Physical Alternation Permit (PAP) will be granted for the project provided necessary bonding, insurance, an any other requirements are met.

9. That the development have an adequate number of fire hydrants spaced 300 Ft. apart and providing a minimum of 1000 GPM. Sprinklered buildings require a hydrant with 100 Ft. of the Fire Department Connection (FDC).

10. That there shall be no architectural, landscaping, or natural barriers proposed on the plan that prevent easy access of fire apparatus.

11. That the site design for the Preliminary Plan phase site plan include areas adequate for snow storage and/or develops a practical method of removal and disposal of snow.

12. That the Preliminary Plan phase submission include a landscape plan prepared by a registered landscape architect, approved the City’s Landscape Coordinator, that meets all requirements under Section 505 of the City’s Zoning Ordinance, and includes the following:

a. Plantings, as practicable, within and around any stormwater management basins and swales. Plantings shall include native grasses, perennials, and shrubs that will assist in the control of erosion, uptake and treatment of stormwater, and reduction of any fertilizers or nutrient supplements.

b. Enhanced landscaping in all planting beds within 20’ of the right-of-way area (Division Street/Route 401). Enhanced landscape areas shall include stone walls or similar hardscape elements; ornamental perennials, shrubs and trees; LED lighting; and/or similar elements that serve to enhance the overall aesthetic of this highly visible thoroughfare.

c. The integration of signage with hardscape and softscape landscape elements (i.e. stone sign base, integration of signage into a wall, and/or accentuating plantings).

d. Screening of the Dumpster with a tight evergreen hedge on sides abutting adjacent parcels.

13. That the Preliminary Plan submittal include a photometric site plan, and specifications for all exterior lighting. Site lighting shall be Dark Sky compliant, to the extent practicable. All exterior lighting and signage shall be designed to minimize negative impacts on neighboring properties. Glare from outdoor lights, signs, and from the movement of vehicles on site shall be shielded from the view of adjacent properties.

14. That the Preliminary Plan submittal shall include location, details, and color elevations of all proposed signage. All signage shall be subject to approval by the Administrative Officer to the Planning Board and conform to the standards of the Warwick Zoning Ordinance, Section 800.

15. That the Preliminary Plan submittal include color elevations of the proposed building façade.

16. That the Preliminary Plan submittal include a document that summarizes general business operations, to include hours of operation, shift changes, timing of typical peak traffic flow, and any other relevant operations information for consideration by the Board.

Section II.  The Clerk of the Zoning Board of Review is hereby authorized and directed to cause said changes to be made on the Zoning Map and the Record Book of Lot Classifications.

Section III.  This Ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication as prescribed by law.



Lynn D’Abrosca, City Clerk


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