The Household Hero

“Bug Buster” and all-around Handyman


The door of Jill Brody’s house swings open as Stephen Gustafson steps inside, full of his signature boundless energy and enthusiasm. Gus, as Gustafson is affectionately known, pulled out his pad of paper and stood ready for his first assignments in Brody’s home. Gustafson is an official “handyman” ~ he is, in fact, the one and only “Household Hero”!

Brody asks: Do you fix a leaky faucet? Yes. Replace light fixtures? Yes. Hang curtain rods? Yes. Remove a piece of outdated furniture? Yes. Install baby gates? Yes. Powerwash my brick patio? Yes. Fix a broken door jam? Yes. Assemble a bookcase? Yes! He can even clean area rugs! Yes! Yes to everything Brody had on her “honey-do” list. The Household Hero had arrived in the shape of a twenty-year carpenter, professional window installer and genuine “Jack-of-all-Trades.”

Everyone needs a Household Hero, whether you live alone or not, whether you are young or old, there are ALWAYS those projects around the house that never get done. Sometimes, we just don’t have the skills; sometimes it’s a simple lack of time and/or motivation. The projects languish forever while new ones accumulate. Things break down. Things need to be moved. Things need to be upgraded. Never fear, NO JOB IS TOO SMALL for this Household Hero!

From his earliest years, Gustafson has always had a knack for building, fixing, and making things. Moreover, he is always refining his skills ~ getting extra schooling and training; pushing himself to learn more and to do more, the right way. He will come to you, wherever you are, to tackle your household projects.

The Household Hero is also an avid outdoorsman who is well acquainted with some of the perils of being in nature. A few years ago, he got very sick from the bite of the dangerous Asian Longhorn tick, a new species of tick here in Rhode Island. He determined then to get his pesticide license so he could combat this nasty insect as well as New England’s other unwanted pests ~ fleas, mosquitos, and mostly, spiders.

Today, Gustafson does more than check things off your to-do list; he can protect your home/property with the use of a completely natural, non-toxic, family-friendly pest control treatment ~ for a one-time job or an ongoing commitment. You decide.

Gus will come to your home and, after a free consultation, will get right to work spraying this cedar-oil based product inside and outside of your house. Unlike its toxic counterparts, NO wait time is necessary following this process. You don’t need to close your windows. It is completely harmless to people, plants, pets, and bugs such as bees and butterflies (it has to do with the way they breathe!)

Gustafson can be your Household Hero. He is bonded and insured as a General Contractor (#GC-48448) and licensed as a pesticide specialist. Check out Gus’s website at or call him today at 401-999-2715.


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