The Household Hero

Trustworthy, skilled, dependable, and affordable


The year was 1984 when the iconic and popular song “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler blared across the radio waves. Sung as the original soundtrack for the movie “Footloose”, the song became the anthem for anyone looking for that ever-elusive hero in their lives. Tyler’s raspy voice belted out the lyrics, “Where have all the good men gone?” and “He’s got to be strong, and he’s got to be fast, and he’s got to be fresh from the fight!”

Well, for those who are looking for their own “hero”, they need to look no further than Stephen Gustafson, otherwise known as “The Household Hero”. Gustafson chose this song as his theme song to not only pump himself up, but also to answer the question, “Where have all the good men gone”? With unsavory workers out there who take advantage of others, those who desperately need help around their homes need someone they can trust. Someone who takes their calls, who shows up on time, who is honest in his dealings, who does the job right ~ and who is straightforward enough to say when he can’t. Gustafson is all these things, and more.

If you need the help of this Household Hero, just give him a call. Perhaps you need a screen replaced, a curtain rod installed, a leaky faucet repaired, a handrail secured, a broken door jamb fixed, and beyond! If you ask, The Household Hero will give you an honest assessment of the cost and feasibility of the project, and then, if it can be done, he will do it. It’s that simple. No job is too small for this twenty-year carpenter, former professional window installer and genuine “Jack-of-all-Trades.”

Today, Gustafson does more than check things off your to-do list; he can also protect your home/property with the use of a completely natural, non-toxic, family-friendly pest control treatment ~ for a one-time job or an ongoing commitment. As an avid outdoorsman who loves nature but hates pesky insects, Gustafson got a specialized license that qualifies him to offer professional insect control using a completely natural and environmentally-safe solution.

He will come to your home and, after a free consultation, will get right to work spraying this cedar-oil based product inside and outside of your house. Unlike its toxic counterparts, NO wait time is necessary following this process. You don’t need to close your windows. It is completely harmless to people, plants, pets, and bugs such as bees and butterflies (it has to do with the way they breathe!) What it does do is kill spiders, fleas, mosquitos, and other creepy-crawly insects that plague homeowners in our region of the country.

Stephen Gustafson can be your Household Hero. He is bonded and insured as a General Contractor (#GC-48448) and licensed as a pesticide specialist. Check out Stephen’s website at or call him today at 401-999-2715.


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