Time to see the chiropractor?

Posted 4/4/23

There’s an old adage in the chiropractic profession,” if it’s a chiropractic case nothing else will help”.  If so, then what is a chiropractic case?  A chiropractic …

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Time to see the chiropractor?


There’s an old adage in the chiropractic profession,” if it’s a chiropractic case nothing else will help”.  If so, then what is a chiropractic case?  A chiropractic case exists when spinal subluxations or misalignments are the  primary cause of the patient’s condition or symptom complex.  These spinal misalignments cause not only abnormal spinal joint and paraspinal muscle function but most importantly, cause persisting abnormal neurologic information from the subluxated segment(s) of the spine to fulminate into a regional condition whereby pain or reduced strength and movement then affects daily function and overall health.

Usual examples of chiropractic cases are patients complaining of headache associated with neck symptoms.  Postural or activity related neck and back pain.  Symptoms associated with inadequate diet, exercise, and poor posture and body mechanics.  Symptoms of headache, dizziness, vertigo, or loss of balance caused from upper cervical spine subluxations are less obvious cases however respond as positively or are cured with chiropractic spinal adjustments.

Establishing the diagnosis of spinal subluxation as the cause of the patient’s symptom complex or condition allows for fast and immediate treatment…..Spinal adjustments to correct the clinically relevant spinal misalignments.  Chiropractic adjustments are manually performed with allied physical therapy treatment applied directly to the affected area of the spine resulting in an immediate relief or improvement.  A series of these spinal adjustments are performed until the symptoms and condition is resolved or improvement has plateaued.

Fast and immediate symptom relief is a hallmark of chiropractic treatment.  However maintaining a healthy chiropractic lifestyle involves a healthy diet and psychosocial lifestyle, regular exercise and proper posture and body mechanics.  Regular periodic visits with the chiropractor insures use of this  “compass” for maintaining a healthy chiropractic lifestyle and maintaining pain free or best function minimizing recurrence of symptoms or aggravation of condition.

Spinal subluxations occur from bad posture and biomechanics, repetitive strain, acute injury and viscerosomatic reflexes (internal organ neuroreflex arc with spinal segment i.e., esophageal heartburn symptoms causing midline upper back pain).  In the cases of viscerosomatic cause of spinal subluxation, the underlying organ dysfunction is addressed through natural effective treatment with additional diagnostics or other medical specialty referral obtained when needed.

Dr. L’Europa is in his 35th year of chiropractic practice, employing manual chiropractic spinal manipulation, adjunctive physical therapy modalities, spinal decompression and traction, active physical therapy and rehabilitive exercise, instruction in proper diet, posture and body mechanics and SwimEx aquatic therapy at SpineTech in Knightsville, Cranston.  Workers compensation, personal injury and medical insurances accepted.


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