Wake up and smell the swamp

Posted 11/19/19

To the Editor:America is being sold a bill of goods by the media. Most know that by now, but for those of you who don’t, let me lay it out for you. The swamp in Washington never would accept an …

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Wake up and smell the swamp


To the Editor:
America is being sold a bill of goods by the media. Most know that by now, but for those of you who don’t, let me lay it out for you. The swamp in Washington never would accept an outsider elected president. They wanted to keep their lifetime cushy Congress and Senate jobs and their elite lives. They vowed to impeach this man nineteen minutes after he was sworn in.
They want their security guards and walled estates and at the same time, take away our defenses - our guns. They want illegals in here so that they can get cheap labor and more votes while taking away jobs from citizens, especially children; and don’t care about the homeless and disenfranchised that live here. They also want a “green new deal” claiming the world will end in a few short years, which is a fallacy. What they really want is control of what we eat, how we travel, and how warm or cold we keep our home heat. This is not about climate change. It is about government control. If they were serious about climate change, they would go after China – the world’s worst offender. They want to control our speech. They want no dissention of thought. Just groupthink , like in the book 1984.
But the swamp won’t go after China. Biden got $1.5 million from China in a sweet deal for his son, Hunter. I even saw a video of Biden bragging that he told the Ukraine if they didn’t fire a particular prosecutor and give Hunter his cushy $80,000 a month job, that he would, as vice president, withhold government funds.
You can be sure that whatever they accuse Trump of doing is what they are doing or have done. It’s called projection. Be it racism, xenophobia, or mistreating women. The Dems and the Swamp swore before Trump was even elected that they would get him booted out one way or another. They even got a FiSA warrant to spy into his campaign and then his election. Then you have the infamous tape of Obama whispering to Putin right on camera “I’ll have more flexibility when I’m no longer President”. These quid pro quos are the kind of things they’ve been accusing Trump of. Again Projection.
First they started the Russia witchhunt. That didn’t pan out so they went after Kavanagh. No luck there, so here we are a year later with the Ukraine debacle.
The swamp would never accept an outsider airing their dirty laundry. In an unprecedented attack, Adam Schiff used our House of Representatives to make up a lying parody of what the President might have said using Godfather language and tone and completely lied about what the President said to the Ukraine. Then Nancy Pelosi, when George Stephanopoulos on ABC said it was a joke, lied and said it was reality. The actual conversation, which was quite bland and mundane, can be read in its one page entirety (as it was released by President Trump).
Sure, President Trump talks too much sometimes, can be uncouth, and even a braggart at times. But, he is honest, takes no money in his capacity as president, has stopped his business dealings abroad, has done a ton of good things for this country, and truly puts America first. Congress, the Senate, and the Swamp of the old FBI are the culprits of our problems. Term limits would help. But mostly people need to know the real story of what’s going on and not listen to the Kool-Aid of fake news.

Margaret Porter


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Thank you for a very excellent & insightful letter. The Swamp and the Deep State are alive & well right here in Warwick as they transfer massive amounts of private money to their public cronies. It is obscene and the Beacon editors are complicit in this criminality as they tiptoe through the Swamp tulips.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

we need a leader who will drain the swamp. lets erect someone who is an outsider who can get the job done quickly. dragging things on for three years is not acceptable.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It is strange how everyone connected to Trump keeps ending up in prison, isn't it? Some might even say, they are taking a hit for someone more powerful. I wonder why that keeps happening?

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Great letter, Margaret! You summed up how I, and most of America, feels.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

What a load of crap! Do yourself a favor and do a bit more research...a research bibliography consisting of FOX and POTUS tweets doesn’t count as “real news”....or didn’t you get the memo? Then get back to us.

Thursday, November 21, 2019
Joe Malachowski

Sorry Margaret, I disagree... look at this man's history. Two failed marriages, multiple affairs, bankruptcy SIX times, failed businesses, sexual assault, numerous lawsuits... he did not turn into a saint the day he swore on the Bible to uphold the Constitution he ignores on a regular basis. He's the a conman who has fooled many who believed his lies that he would fix everything. Take a good look at the tax breaks and what it is doing to the deficit... and the healthcare he said he'd fix in the first 100 days in office then said "who knew it was so complicated". Everybody told him it wouldn't be easy. Middle America wanted to some to fix everything and tRump said he would... just one of the 13000 lies he's said. Sorry, he is making a fool of you

Friday, November 22, 2019