September 23, 2014

Many of us recall a time before the broad emergence of the Internet, before mobile phones and devices became ubiquitous across our society. Now, an entire generation has grown up in this new era.

Today, thanks to technology, we are constantly connected to a seemingly endless reservoir of information. We are also more …

Pundits are decrying the numbers in the wake of last week’s primary. It’s not the … More
Road repairs have become the new rallying cry for candidates and members of the City … More
The first Asian-American governor, or the first woman governor – either way, Rhode … More
To the Editor: One of the greatest privileges we possess as citizens of the United … More
Campaign season has been underway for months. For some, it is about to draw to close. For … More
Editorial Cartoon
This Side Up
John Howell
My Take on the News
Lonnie Barham
John Hazen White, Jr.
While there was widespread coverage of certain legislative initiatives this year, such as … More
To trim the budget, lawmakers may suspend a critical element of America’s missile … More
Next week, the Gaspee Days Committee will kick off its 50th year with an impressive … More
While serving as Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) Commissioner, Deborah A. … More
With less than two weeks before the September 9th Democratic primary, gubernatorial … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Way to go Scotland!

Watching with keen interest, last week’s referendum in Scotland was indeed extremely fascinating. What struck me more than anything was not the final result (the democratic process was the real winner), but the extraordinary voter turnout of 84 percent. Wow!

Those Scots really …

To the Editor: The city of Providence is considering building a 2.5-mile streetcar … More
To the Editor: In this rather vexing campaign season, the most provocative race is … More
To the Editor: Well it’s over…for now. I came into this race for mayor of … More
To the Editor, The Primary Day is upon us and we Rhode Island voters are faced with an … More
To the Editor: My first friend to die was the son of a junk dealer who came down with … More
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