Some is better than none. That adage fits the School Department’s decision to move ahead with all-day kindergarten at some schools, although it lacks the resources to do it across the city. Starting tomorrow, all-day K will be operating at Warwick Neck, Oakland Beach, John Brown Francis, Robertson and Scott Schools. As …

The Democratic gubernatorial primary has gotten very interesting. Less than three … More
FERRI PRODUCES A GOOD PLAN: State Representative Frank Ferri, the Warwick Democrat who is … More
To the Editor: The year was 1964, and I was entering my junior year at Pilgrim High … More
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Fifty years is a lifespan for some people – a long time during which a lot can happen. … More
Editorial Cartoon
This Side Up
John Howell
My Take on the News
Lonnie Barham
John Hazen White, Jr.
Millions of Americans were shocked to hear that 63-year-old Robin Williams died from an … More
Somebody once said that there’s only a handful of basic stories in the world, and that … More
It was Governor’s Bay Day this past weekend, where the bonus was free parking and free … More
Following meetings with dozens of business leaders from a cross section of industries, I … More
If you’ve filled your tank in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the recent … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

So I went on to Facebook to see about the people who are running for mayor. And what I saw is Stacia Petri ask where the developers were for Rocky Point.

And I thought how sad that a candidate for mayor did not even know that Mayor Avedisian and members of the General Assembly and City Council had …

To the Editor: In all the bad press being given against the VA hospitals, I felt … More
To the Editor: Matt Bower’s Aug. 19 Beacon article, “Schools approve revised … More
To the Editor: Does the liquid that emerges from the leech line undergo some kind of … More
To the Editor: An unusual situation has taken place with the Market Basket supermarket … More
To the Editor: Recently, the drinking water of 400,000 Toledo residents was fouled by … More
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