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An extra $104.90

To the Editor:

House Bill H7288 has been submitted, sponsored by Representatives Edith Ajello, Maria Cimini, Linda Finn, Donna Walsh and Arthur Handy. This bill is designed to help the seniors living below the poverty line. If you make $1,313 or less, you will qualify to have Part B premiums paid for. This will give you $104.90 to use for your other expenses.

Erin Lynch is in the process of entering the bill in the Senate. You can pick it up on the Internet, or you can write me at 23 Bokar St., Warwick, R.I. 02886. My name is Elmer H. Gardiner.

How can you help? Call your House Representative and tell him or her that you want them to support this bill. It will help approximately 6,000 retirees; they need this help.

Our generation has supported Social Security and Medicare since inception. Our seniors deserve our loyalty. They fought the wars, built ships, etc., all at some personal sacrifice. Some of these people are veterans. This is a chance to back up AARP, the senior agenda, the George Wiley Center, all backers of the bill.

Maine and Connecticut have already taken this action.

Elmer H. Gardiner


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Elmer, What is the cost of the bill?

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