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Being unbuckled can lead to arrest

The Warwick Police Department joined both local and Rhode Island State Police as well as safety advocates all across the state during the most recent national Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement campaign, which ran from Nov. 25 through Dec. 1.

During the mobilization, officers stopped and ticketed motorists who failed to wear their seat belts both day and night. The goal of the seat belt law is to keep everyone safe on our roadways during the busy holiday week and to prevent the senseless injuries and deaths because someone made the wrong choice not to wear their seat belt. Over the course of the weeklong campaign, Warwick Police officers issued 83 seat belt or child seat violations.

When they did, police arrested eight motorists who were operating with suspended driver’s licenses, 12 who were operating under the influence and made various other arrests for offenses unrelated to seat belts.

The Warwick Police Department strongly believes that the use of seat belts helps to save lives and motorists need to remember Click it or Ticket and that they may be stopped should they chose not to buckle up.

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Who is hurt by someone not wearing thier seatbelt? Why does a policeman care what I do to myself? Stop saving people from themselves. It is more dangerous to be morbidly obese than to not wear your seatbelt.

A study published today shows the HALF OF ALL POLICE OFFICERS DON'T WEAR THEIR SEATBELTS....maybe the Beacon could do an article on that. The artilce pointed out that the unbuckled officers make up a large percentage of officers injured on duty.

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