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Boutique hotel?

To the Editor:

1. Misnomer: A misapplied or inappropriate name or designation

2. Misleading: Deceptive, tending to mislead


a) A small shop or specialty development

b) Any small, exclusive business offering customized service

c) A small business development

d) Designation or characteristic of a small exclusive business or producer

Apponaug Waterfront Development, LLC seems of the opinion that requesting the construction of a 127-unit monstrosity, as opposed to their rejected request for 187 units, somehow allows for the term “Boutique Hotel.”

Lynn Potter-Vosselman


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According to wikipedia a typical boutique hotel is the Madison hotel in Memphis that has 110 rooms. 127 seems in line with that. Mrs. Vosselman appears she doesn't know as much as she thinks. Sounds like she's a NIMBY.

We need more big units in warwick 2nd city if you don.t like it PUT SELL ON HOUSE GO SOUTH>

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