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Brotherly love and goodwill?

To the Editor:

It’s getting close to Christmas, which means it’s time, once again, to meet Mr. and Mrs. Radical Right Christian.

They attend Church each Sunday and want more God in everyone’s life, but check your email, there is never a nasty rumor they won’t spread or a war they don’t support.

They heard Rush and other conservatives say the Pope now talks like a Marxist and they agree. What right has the Pope got to talk about social justice, and greed and criticize conservative trickle-down economics? They ask indignantly, adding He ought to be spending his time talking about the teachings of Jesus, instead!

They hope efforts to bring health care to millions fails and they wish everyone could watch yet another yearly report by John Stossel of Fox News warning about the dangers of giving to the poor, especially at this time of the year.

If only we could all follow the Biblical principles of brotherly love and goodwill among men, they pray, as they listen to their favorite talk-show host, John DePetro.

And they wonder, who is behind the war on Christmas?

Charles Lawrence


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Couldn't agree more.

Charles.....your crying about bringing health care to millions if laughable. Millions are now uninsured that formerly were insured. And everyone will pay more for less coverage and more out of pocket copays. This isn't about being a good Christian. Less than 10% of the population was 'uninsured'. Now we will all suffer due to this incompetence. Brotherly love is not a suicide pact.

Merry Christmas.

We should have universal coverage (the single payer option). When the AMA and the Insurance companies endorsed the current plan,you had to know it was for their greed. Heads of "non profit" hospitals making $7 million/year. What a joke.

Good to know Mr. Lawrence bares no ill-will toward any particular group during the yuletide season. While including most of the traditional boogey men, including Christians, he somehow overlooked the left's latest fad: "income inequality".

Merry Christmas

The village is missing their chief idiot.

So how is saying the Pope talks like a Marxist wrong? He did. He is for the government redistributing wealth. That's forcibly stealing from someone that has, to give to someone that doesn't. I didn't see anything in the Bible that mentioned giving to my neighbor until his wealth is equal to mine. I do see a bit about "By the sweat of your brow you will eat". In other words you work you eat.

Have you been paying attention to the healthcare mess some are starting to realize that their premiums are going up. Have you asked why the IRS is in charge of the ACA?

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and any other holiday you choose to celebrate as long as there is goodwill and peace to all.

As a conservative and advocate for true reform, which includes holding people accountable for their actions, everything that comes out of this mans mouth is in sharp contrast to reality. Peter A., Filippi III Founder of the Johnston Taxpayers Association and proud conservative.

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