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Cockatoo owner appeals ruling, takes case to Superior Court

The case of the cursing cocking is not over yet.

Bird owner Lynne Taylor has filed an appeal that she says has been granted by the Superior Court.

"If we lose in Superior, we'll go to Supreme Court," she said during a phone interview Tuesday afternoon.

During a Municipal Court hearing last Thursday, Judge Joel Gersenblatt ruled Taylor guilty of violating the city’s noise ordinance, as her 12-year-old umbrella cockatoo, Willy, squawks repetitively.

The ordinance reads that an animal owner whose pet causes a disturbance through “habitual howling, yelping, barking or other noise,” can be issued a fine for $15, which is the case with Taylor.

Also, her neighbors, Kathy Melker and Craig Fontaine, alleged that Taylor trained the bird to cuss at them. They filed numerous reports with the Warwick Police Department in relation to the bird, as well as other instances with Taylor.

As it has been noted in police reports, plus recent interviews, Melker claims that Taylor has assaulted Fontaine with a garden hose, thrown rocks at them over the fence between their properties, shot Fontaine and Melker’s property and vehicles with a BB gun, and tried to capture Melker’s cat.

Taylor denied the allegations. She said she was raking rocks and throwing them behind her, and that Melker assaulted her own vehicle. Officers noted that Melker and Fontaine’s vehicles did not bear significant evidence to prove any damage.

Further, Taylor said the cat often defecated in her yard and she trapped it to bring it to a shelter.

“Everybody pits me as the villain,” Taylor said. “If I've done anything to offend [Melker], I'm truly sorry. I don't have any ill will towards her. I've never met her.”

Melker, who was interviewed via phone Wednesday morning, laughed in response to the appeal.

“I think it’s so funny because she is wasting more and more money,” Melker said. “What a ridiculous thing. Over a $15 fine? You’ve got to love it.”

Melker said she and Fontaine have officially left the state to build a new home and don’t intend to hire a lawyer and dispute the appeal. However, she said she has a disc of evidence that is “devastating” to Taylor’s case.

“I’ll be there in court with my videos,” said Melker. “If she wants to keep wasting money on lawyers, more power to her. It just goes to show you the level of intelligence. I would have paid the $15 months ago and just said, ‘Oh, well.’ I think it’s a riot.”

As for Taylor, she said Willy isn’t swearing, nor has she taught him to cuss. She claims she doesn’t even swear.

“Willy isn't saying what people think he's saying – he's not a circus freak," said Taylor, noting that she isn't thrilled with photos of Willy that have been circulated in the media. "And it's not about me – it's about someone trying to hurt my feathered friend, my family member. They are moving and they want to go out with a bang.”

But Melker said she and Fontaine are simply glad to no longer live next to Taylor.

“Lynne Taylor is a malicious, malignant, offensive woman and I hope to never meet anybody like her in my lifetime ever again,” Melker said. “She’ll find somebody new to harass now. She’ll find new people to torment.”

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Why can't this woman behave like an adult and stop the nonsense. This is taking up valuable court time for nothing but a $15 fine. Grow up, this is like something you would expect to see in highschool!

You really need to take a moment to see yourself as we, the public, see you. You look petty, ridiculous and vindictive. You are not seen as a grown mature woman but rather a silly child that is trying to get back at what you perceive as an insult. Pay the $15 and move on. If you continue doing this you have no chance in hell as being seen as a victim but rather cement in our minds that you really are as crazy as your neighbor has stated. What a waste of time, money and energy.

It it's not that big of a deal !! You Pay the $15.00 and ALL the other court costs and attorneys Fees .You move on and get your own life!! It's not your time or your money!!

I like all the comments ,, From all the Know It Alls !! I agree , you people pay all the costs, If it's not a Big Deal !!

Wow, Citronsue, did you make it past 5th grade? What a sentence and more, what an astute thought. Yes, all of them are paying for this charade. It's certainly a joke, but it's sure not funny. Someone should start calling City Hall and asking how the police let it get this far. Now it has a life of its own, and its not going to stop at Superior Court. And poor Lynn with an E. No more Craig to harass, no more Kathy to verbally assault. And you can bet the new neighbor will put up with very little of the same crap (since lavasseur's extortion didn't work) while Kathy woke up this morning to the sound of an owl instead of "F*cking Wh*re". What will you do with all your time, Lynn with an E? Drink some more? Oh, what a world, what a world. You're melting........

Who cares what you think racebear ! And What Melker & Fontaine woke up to ??? nobody in Warwick Cove anyway ! Wow peace and quite !! Piss Off

Harass, vebally asseult ,extortion,Thats all you seem to do on the comment page .

Sorry racebear !!!, nobody is Melting ..... You need to get on with your own life, Oh ! thats right ,You don't have one . Oh, What a world, what a wonderfull world :) If You want to discuss this further ? I'm sure you have my #. Other than that ... let everyone know who you really are???

Why spoil the fun, Lynn with an E? I am worlds away from you, thank God, and now so is Craig and Kathy. No, I don't have your number nor any inclination to talk to you--ever. Go have a drink with citronsue, who can't seem to put together an intelligent sentence if her life depended on it. Look at her last post. Oops, forgot your intellect isn't much better, as evidenced by your statement that Kathy assaulted her own car (or your previous post for that matter). See how that plays in court when you have to explain the crap coming out of your mouth to someone with a brain.

Go spend some more taxpayer money and wait to be held in contempt of court I bet your lawyer is buying tickets to Aruba on what Chris is paying him.

Worlds away in your own mind ! No contenpt of court here ...And the only crap coming out of anyones mouth is yours!... Maybe citronsue is Melker or Fontaine . That seems to be thier middle name"SUE". so go have a drink with them. Oh , I will not spoil your fun!!! you are a sad sad person . Enjoy :)

Letting the party out of your head, citronsue. When you read back your posts (overlooking the poor grammar, spelling mistakes and context errors), does it ever really make any sense to you? And no, citronsue is definitely not Craig nor Kathy. Both of them can speak and write intelligently. You can not.

Wow! Racebear ,bullying someone else already? That didn't take long . Hope you feel better ! Get a life!

...Live your life while you are young...? annarose vallone?

stay off my page. you are not welcome! HATERS NOT ALLOWED and that means bullies as well. you continue to harrass and make threats on these comment pages and i will go to the RI STATE POLICE with all this evidence here on my thumb drive. you don't know BOTH sides to this "STORY".

Your page ??? I think it's Melker and Fontaine's page , so they can continue to bully Chris , Lynne and The Best Feathered Friend ever ... , Oh .Citronsue is a very nice lady !! leave her alone , She worked into her 70's and then retired, unlike Melker ,and still goes to work 3 days aweek!! pick on someone else ...Looser

PWHerman83 Is that you Linda G? PLEASE GO TO RISP. They already have info on this case. And citronsue, melker retired last year but has not enjoyed a day of it because she was attacked the day she moved in with craig. You are talking out of your butt again (bad grammar and spelling mistakes intact).

Your posting hate again ? nothing to do Ha ?

God did either of you go to school? Hate coope02? Hardly. I just blog the truth so people can see for themsleves where the problem (you) is. Confirmed by the tone of the comments, except for you and sue, of course. So my few minutes a day to see the classlessness of your posts is just a cherry on my sundae.

God !.... That's a word you would not Know anything about !!! Sorry to disappoint ! Some people Work. and now Going Tuna Fishing !!! something else you know nothing about .... Ha Ha Ha

Absolutely right about the tuna - good for you. But I get my share of salmon, steelhead and lake trout. Thats enough. As for not knowing God, you are not correct, because I do. If you do, how do you rationalize your many, many affairs. And you seem to forget who started the mess with melker. You did years ago, not only with your affair with chris, but with the verbal attacks on any new girl craig brought home after the divorce. Not very God-like, so watch your glass house. Your bad behavior opened up your life for all to see. Like changing your phone number and then posting it on facecbook? Ridiculous, funny, sad.

I only gave my new phone number to a few people , so go ahead and call it !! racebear!!!

Well folks--on it goes. Lynn with an E and Lavasseur are officially stalkers. Melker and Fontaine moved 100 miles away to a neighboring state, and today pulled up behind Melker. Surprise! Taylor has no life but harassing and stalking and she is pulling lavasseur down with her - willingly. So if anyone ever had a question of who was the real instigator behind all this waste of money and time, it should be clear that not only did talyor start it, but she is unwilling to let it end.

Well folks-- Melker and racebear ..Keep Wishing !

Was Willy driving??? Haaaaaa

Oh no !!! case dismissed ????


Glad to see someone shut racebear and LTFwhore up :)

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