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Dressed for a parade
Warwick Beacon

Under the cover of darkness with a police cruiser following closely, a Massachusetts company painted the red, white and blue stripe starting on Broad Street in Cranston and down Narragansett Parkway in Warwick early Monday morning in preparation for this year’s Gaspee Days celebrations and parade. A campaign launched by the Beacon where Mayors Allan Fung and Scott Avedisian faced off in a painting duel raised more than the $5,000 needed to paint the stripe. As the painting crew started the paint job at the center of Pawtuxet late Sunday, Kevin Hallahan, who drove the striping machine, was joined by members of the Gaspee Days Committee and a group from L’Attidues that had watched the progress and helped raise the funds.

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Why was the painting given to a company from Massachusetts? RI should do all it can to keep jobs here.

Maybe it was the lowest bid, everything the city does is low bid.

Wrong again SteveD. Maybe you should pay attention to the council meetings. Not everything is done by low bid, case and point, the new fire dept. SCBA compressor. There is actually language that was developed allowing for bids that were not the low bid to be awarded and there was lenghthy debate on the subject. Do some reading as you are wrong once again.

Need to get all your facts straight. Don't dump on the city. It is the Gaspee Days committee that has to work hard to raise the funds to get the roadstripe painted every year. I am sure lowest bid makes a big difference when a non-profit is spending money.

That was purchased with grant money so the details of the grant dictate the bids. You are such a smart guy you should run for city council or mayor. Maybe you can change the world..

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