October 10, 2015
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Hold your nose

To the Editor:

The news is stunning, the achievement magnificent. The powers to be have removed the dam on the Pawtuxet River Falls in Pawtuxet Village at a final cost of $900,000. Rarely, have I seen so much happiness by so many. Now the fish will be able to swim up-river and spawn to their hearts’ content. However, there is a question to be asked.

How can these fish spawn while holding their noses at the same time? They have no idea that they will be met by 13 million gallons of “treated sewerage” flowing down the Pawtuxet River each and every day from the Warwick, West Warwick and Cranston sewer plants; none of which were in operation when the dams were constructed 87 years ago.

Dear people: You cannot drink the water, swim in the water or fish in the water. One can imagine what the baby fish will look like or how they will taste at maturity. Perhaps not many of us will really give a “dam.”

Eugene A. Nadeau

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So,let's go back to the days of Ciba-Geigy,and Alrose Chemical that pioluted the river.Please go away. And don't forget to pay your car tax.

Mr.Nadeau, Work on the teachers contract and try not to give the store away like your buddy Cushman

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